Colo Development Partners was formed in 2016 with one goal in mind – allocate capital wisely within a specific geographic area. Our firm offers an exclusive and limited number of investors the opportunity to invest alongside our capital in commercial real estate through ground up development, rehabilitation of properties, and acquisition of existing buildings.

The team at Colo Development Partners has executed thousands of real estate transactions and allocated over $150 billion in capital collectively. We have been executives at large corporations, family offices, investment bankers, Wall Street traders and strategically decided to invest our time, resources, and capital in North Texas. While many firms focus on a specific product type within commercial real estate, we believe more value can be derived by investing with local knowledge across the commercial real estate spectrum. We do not invest in assets where the possibility of operator risk is high, but rather in assets in a great location with significant financial merit.

“What counts for most people in investing is not how much they know, but rather how realistically they define what they don’t know.” – Warren Buffett

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